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Top Web3 games of 2024 – counting down the top 7

Counting down the top 7 web3 games in 2024

You must know about them and learn about them because top Web3 games are the future of online gaming. This is unsurprising news, and most gaming fanatics (such as you) have heard about them —if you haven’t already played!

What are Web3 games?

Web3 games are just like other online games, except they are played on blockchain. [Learn about blockchain here]

The items, characters, cards, etc., that you earn during a game are permanently yours since they are on the blockchain. They are stored in the form of NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

Web3 technology has taken the online gaming experience to a whole other level, empowering them with confidence in their owned gaming merchandise.

According to Dapp Radar alone, over $2 billion was invested in blockchain gaming in the first quarter of 2022. So, you can guess its future possibilities.


What makes top Web3 games different?

Web3 gaming uses a different method than traditional gaming, where the data and assets of the game are controlled from one place. Thanks to a paradigm shift called non-fungible tokens (NFTs), in-game items like skins, characters, and virtual land can now truly belong to players. Thanks to blockchain technology, this control can be checked and moved between platforms.

Here is a list of the top 7 Web3 games that are currently played and loved worldwide:


EpicHero: Retro-Inspired Web3 RPG Adventure

DappRadar reports that EpicHero, a retro-inspired Ethereum-based RPG, has a TVL of nearly $70 million due to its nostalgic charm and P2E mechanisms.

Players complete epic missions in this pixelated fantasy world, fight powerful enemies, and collect valuable in-game assets to earn HERO tokens. The game’s P2E aspects provide engagement and earning potential, while its retro appearance and nostalgic gameplay appeal to traditional RPG fans.

EpicHero is popular because it combines RPG components with P2E gaming innovations. The game’s simple but fascinating action, pixelated art design, and vintage soundtrack have won over fans who want a familiar but gratifying gaming experience.

EpicHero is a leading Web3 game due to its nostalgic appeal, compelling gameplay, and rewarding P2E mechanisms. Continuous improvement and a nostalgic and satisfying gameplay experience will keep gamers engaged and ready to explore EpicHero’s depths.


Midas Miner: a gold mining blockchain game

Midas Miner, a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) play-to-earn (P2E) game, has garnered attention from gamers and crypto aficionados. DappRadar reports a TVL of over $1.23 billion.

In this immersive gold-mining simulation, players mine virtual gold from the game’s depths. Its simple but addictive gameplay and P2E principles that offer real-world benefits make Midas Miner appealing.

Players can improve their mining operations by upgrading equipment and hiring expert people. A novel “Midas Touch” concept lets players instantly change any touched area into gold, bringing excitement and strategy to the game.

Midas Miner is popular because it offers a pleasant and interesting game experience and crypto prizes. The game’s connection with the BSC ecosystem makes it more appealing by letting players manage their in-game assets and explore decentralized finance.


GAMEE’s Arc8: Casual Gaming and Rewards Multiverse

DappRadar reports that Arc8 by GAMEE, a mobile gaming platform that mixes casual gaming with P2E principles, has a TVL of over $87 million.

With its interesting gameplay, broad game selection, and rewarding structure, Arc8 by GAMEE has become a P2E gaming powerhouse. Growth and innovation on the platform will bring Web3 gaming to more people and show them its tremendous potential.

Arc8 by GAMEE has action-packed and puzzle-solving casual games. A seamless integration of P2E mechanisms allows gamers to earn GMEE tokens by playing their favorite games, making the platform unique. The platform’s accessibility and user-friendliness make it a great introduction to Web3 gaming. Arc8 by GAMEE has connected casual gaming and blockchain technology, attracting a wide community of players willing to try P2E gaming.


Axie Infinity: A Pokémon-Inspired Revolution P2E Gaming

DappRadar reports that the Ethereum-based turn-based strategy game Axie Infinity has a TVL of over $729 million, making it a P2E gaming pioneer. Axie Infinity lets gamers nurture and fight cute Axies inspired by Pokémon.

This game became popular during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in the Philippines, where it saved many who lost their employment owing to lockdowns and economic downturns. Some players made hundreds of dollars a day playing Axie Infinity.


Release the thrill of motorsport with Web3.

According to DappRadar, REVV Racing, an Ethereum-based motorsport game, has a TVL of over $25 million and has enthralled gamers and crypto enthusiasts.

Players race powerful virtual vehicles against opponents in thrilling races. Due to its realistic graphics, immersive driving experience, and blockchain technology, the game has a growing community of gamers seeking motorsport thrills and rewards. REVV Racing dominates P2E gaming with its fast-paced gameplay, amazing graphics, and unique blockchain technology.


The Sandbox: Metaverse Creativity and Earning Potential

According to DappRadar, The Sandbox, an Ethereum-based voxel-based metaverse game, has thrilled gamers and creators with a TVL of over $31 million as of October 2023. This unique platform lets gamers construct, own, and commercialize virtual experiences, combining creative freedom with rewards.

In this immersive 3D universe, players can buy LANDs and turn them into anything they like, from bustling towns to fantastical landscapes. Users can create and personalize virtual worlds and monetize them by renting LANDs, selling in-game materials, or creating interactive experiences.

The Sandbox pioneered metaverse growth through creativity, ownership, and community-driven development.


Galactic Arena: A Web3 Space Adventure

Galactic Arena, a Solana blockchain-based PvP action game, has quickly gained popularity in P2E gaming, with a TVL of over $262 million, according to DappRadar.

The game’s engaging gameplay, and rich rewards system has drawn a dedicated community of players eager to test their talents and acquire in-game goods. Spaceships with distinct abilities and customization possibilities enrich the gameplay and let players adjust their strategies to their playstyles. The game’s growth and creativity will keep gamers hooked and hungry to conquer the stars.


Conclusion – the future of online gaming

The future of online gaming is more colorful and promising. With the integration of blockchain technology, we get blockchain games, which is even more exciting.

Web3 gaming provides players with confidence that their items are not stored on the game’s servers but are decentralized. They also know that the items can be used across various games on the blockchain, making them even more precious.

Also, the concept of NFTs provides a monetary value for such items, leading to more earning potential through online gaming.

The top Web3 games that I mentioned here are just the tip of the iceberg. More and more energy is being put into this, and the future certainly belongs to blockchain gaming. What are your thoughts on this? Till next time, peace!